4 Tips on Stress-Free Airport Parking in Melbourne

Trying to find parking in any airport, especially Tullamarine Airport, can be a total hassle and costly if you do not know where to go. If you are lucky enough, maybe a friend could drop you off. However, this may not be an option for everyone. Parking at the airport for a short term or long term is often the most convenient option. In this guide, we will help save you money and skip the hassle of car parking in Melbourne.

Here are 4 tips on stress-free airport parking in Melbourne.

Reserve Online

You can start reserving your airport parking online. As a driver, you will have the option to choose self-parking or a valet option. There is a shuttle bus in the car park that will take you straight to the airport within five minutes. If you are traveling with more than two people, driving to the airport is the more economical choice to consider. You can pay for a car park for an average of $50. While a round trip bus fare will cost around $80.

Search for Discount Parking Coupons Online

Save money by searching for discount coupons when booking your flight. Car parks want to fill their lots. This means they will offer vouchers. You will find discounts that range from 3% to as much as 50%. Be sure to grab them when you see them.

Book in Advance

Airport parking can get limited to bookings, so do not miss out! When you book your car park in advance, you will find cheaper rates than it would be at the last minute.

Keep Your Car Keys Safe

If ending vacation was not already bad enough, imagine how you would feel when you arrive at the airport and cannot find the keys. Avoid the stress by letting a protected car park handle your car needs while you enjoy your trip.


Additionally, choosing a car park service will allow you to avoid the stress of parking and let someone do it for you. Melbourne Airport also offers a valet parking service to let you leave your car at the gate and minimize the stress of parking it. You can also benefit from car washes and repairs that many offers.