6 Tips on How to Save Money on Airport Car Parking in Melbourne

How you book your car park will make all the difference on the costs and convenience of your trip. With the right tips and the right knowledge, we will help you find out all you need to know how to find the best options for your car parking decisions. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best tips on how to save money on airport car parking in Melbourne.

Book Your Car Park in Advance

If you plan to book a long stay without booking in advance, you will end up spending well over $200. However, booking weeks in advance will help save you on costs with less than $100. To ensure that you’re getting the best deal, do your research and look around to make sure your booking is far in advance. While this may depend on the airport, you will need to book at least two days before your arrival or you will end up spending more on the drive-up rate.

Compare Prices and Location

Where you park will either prevent stress or simply add on to it. Make sure to do your research and look at the airport’s prices along with off-site companies.

Find Flight Promos that Offer a Parking Deal

Find a great deal that offers an airport hotel stay with parking for a set period. This often works out as a cheaper deal rather than booking separately. A park and fly package will often include a private taxi transfer or shuttle when booked directly with the hotel, whereas some hotels will end up charging double for the same task. Be sure to find out the regular transfer runs and the time it will take for each journey.

Look for Short Stay Deals

Leaving your car in a short-stay car park or a valet parking might also give you a great deal. While it may not be cheaper than the long-stay options, you will benefit from the convenience of the walking distance.

Check the Standards

If you plan to book with an airport car park or valet deal, do your research outside of the airport official car park. A “park mark” will be a useful way to detect on the quality of standards and security of where you decide to park your car.

Look for Guarantees and Booking Bonuses

Some websites will give you a better deal by allowing you to claim your money and park free if you find another site with cheaper deals. However, keep in mind that it will be subjected to prior conditions. You can also contact agents that will help send you discounts through email when you register for certain promo offers.

Affordable price

Airports have many parking spots, but they attract different charges. Consider only a parking price that you can comfortably afford without straining your budget. Check the prices from the official airport website to get the basic parking charges. This serves as a benchmark rate to help you make the right decisions. Consequently, check the quotes of online agencies for price comparison. Only consider agents who do not overcharge to avoid exploitation. Get prices on airport parking in Melbourne here – https://www.unitedairportparking.com.au/

Get hotel parking deals

Airport hotels offer parking deals of a maximum of 15 days. The deals are slightly costly in comparison to separate booking and can include a taxi service. Hotels security will guarantee the safety of the car while you are away. Check out more facilities here. Call in advance to book your parking online early to avoid the rush in holiday seasons.


Make the best use of your time away by opting for additional offers such as car repairs and washing. To keep yourself free of stress, be sure to book your car park well in advance.

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3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Airport Car Parking in Melbourne

Parking at the airport can be very confusing. Airport parking can be difficult to navigate through with so many options at a variety of prices. With our guide, we will discuss how you can gain the most out of your trip and choose the best airport car parking in Melbourne.

Here are 3 tips on how to choose the best airport car parking in Melbourne.

Consider How Long You Will Stay

The duration of your stay will help determine where you need to park. The ideal car park is normally within walking distance or a quick shuttle that will get you to the terminal within minutes. Because of the convenience, short-stay parking is often the most expensive choice. However, one common assumption that people make is to use a short or mid stay for a quick trip. Even if you plan to be away for a few days, consider long-stay car parks for the cheapest deal.

Long-stay parking lots may be located further away from the airport itself. This is often past the reach of the airports land and in a completely different location. For long-stay parking options, the bus transfer is the usual options.

Self-Parking Options

Self-parking refers to the type of car park where you can park your car yourself and keep your cars without anyone having to enter. You can simply return to your car once you arrive without any hassle. Most short and medium stays will operate on a self-park basis. You will usually follow the signs that direct you to a specific area to find space then proceed to the shuttle pickup. Most car parks offer a free bus that will link to several bus stops around the car park.

However, some off-airport car parks may operate on an entirely different system. You can drive to a central area where you will hand the keys over and board the bus straight to your terminal the car park employees will drive your car to its parking space. Then, when you return, the bus will drop you straight off to the reception area.

Meet-and-Greet Services

Valet parking will allow you to leave your car with a driver at a pre-set point at the airport. The drive will take your keys and drive your car to the parking area that is located off the airport. Once you return, you can call the parking company and they will deliver the car back to when you once left it and drive off.

This option is probably the most convenient way you can choose to park your car. However, it is also one of the most expensive options. You will also trust an employee to drive your car to and from the car park. This means you will also want to ensure that the company is fully insured with a great reputation and will treat your car with respect. Always be sure to read the reviews about the company before you book your spot.

Short stay car parking deals

Make early inquiries on availability of the deals two weeks before your travel. It offers you a shorter duration parking within walking distance from the airport terminal. Early booking ensures you do not miss out during peak periods when the bookings for short parking deals are extremely high. See some of our airport car park testimonials here – https://www.unitedairportparking.com.au/testimonials/

Car park standards

There are parking deals outside the official airport car parks. However, double-check where you will park your vehicle for a parking award scheme – park mark. The park mark indicates quality standards and proper security.

Which option will you choose for your next car park? Comment below and let us know!

3 Benefits of Choosing Long Term Airport Car Park in Melbourne

Do you find yourself traveling in and out of Melbourne? You may regularly drive your car to the airport but often find yourself spending more money than you should. Finding the right long-term airport car park will help you save money, avoid stress, and enjoy your overall travel experience. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits and how you can make informed decisions.

Here are 3 benefits of choosing long-term airport car park in Melbourne.

Affordable Options

When you need to park near the airport, you will have two options available. You can either park directly on the site or off site at many long-term parking lots. While the rates will vary, the best option is to choose lower rates per day for longer stays. Whether you need to park your car, van, or motorbike, you will find affordable rates and flexibility with long term parking options. You may worry about not having a place to park with on-site airport lots. However, booking your reservation early will prevent you the stress of this issue.

Parking Options

Some off-site parking lots will provide covered parking, while others will provide outdoor spaces for a cheaper price. The best lots will give you both options to choose from. Decide which option works best depending on the car you drive, how long you will be gone and your budget for the trip.

Reliable Transportation

Another benefit to choosing long-term airport car parks is the fast and reliable transportation in getting to the airport. One of the biggest complaints that many have is using on-site parking lots and how long it takes to get to their terminal. It is important to consider the walking distance from the space to the shuttle pickup and the idle time when waiting for the shuttle. The best option is to find parking lots that provide valet-style service and assistance with more shuttles running for less downtime.

Some travelers will look for the cheapest deal they can get. Be sure to take advantage of the services offered at off-site parking lots.

4 Tips on Stress-Free Airport Parking in Melbourne

Trying to find parking in any airport, especially Tullamarine Airport, can be a total hassle and costly if you do not know where to go. If you are lucky enough, maybe a friend could drop you off. However, this may not be an option for everyone. Parking at the airport for a short term or long term is often the most convenient option. In this guide, we will help save you money and skip the hassle of car parking in Melbourne.

Here are 4 tips on stress-free airport parking in Melbourne.

Reserve Online

You can start reserving your airport parking online. As a driver, you will have the option to choose self-parking or a valet option. There is a shuttle bus in the car park that will take you straight to the airport within five minutes. If you are traveling with more than two people, driving to the airport is the more economical choice to consider. You can pay for a car park for an average of $50. While a round trip bus fare will cost around $80.

Search for Discount Parking Coupons Online

Save money by searching for discount coupons when booking your flight. Car parks want to fill their lots. This means they will offer vouchers. You will find discounts that range from 3% to as much as 50%. Be sure to grab them when you see them.

Book in Advance

Airport parking can get limited to bookings, so do not miss out! When you book your car park in advance, you will find cheaper rates than it would be at the last minute.

Keep Your Car Keys Safe

If ending vacation was not already bad enough, imagine how you would feel when you arrive at the airport and cannot find the keys. Avoid the stress by letting a protected car park handle your car needs while you enjoy your trip.


Additionally, choosing a car park service will allow you to avoid the stress of parking and let someone do it for you. Melbourne Airport also offers a valet parking service to let you leave your car at the gate and minimize the stress of parking it. You can also benefit from car washes and repairs that many offers.